Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to BE Your Dreams

I know there are many resources out there telling you how to start to create your dreams and what to do once you get there.

The beginning is super exciting.

And the fulfilment of a dream is exhilarating.

But I have found that most people spend 80% of their lives in between...that space where you are not fully where you want to be and you're also not technically starting from ground zero (meaning you have SOME skills or experience to apply towards your new goal).

So I wanted to share this message from guru Tony Robbins and give you real world tips on how to live in that in-between place as though you have already achieved your dreams!

Quick Tips To Live As Though Your Dreams Have Already Been Answered

Tip #1: Check Your Mindset
Once you have an absolutely clear vision about what it is you want to achieve, create a mindset of "BE-ing" it.

I know you've heard the often repeated quote "You can be what you see"... This is true but keep in mind that this isn't about the instantaneous achievement of your goals. This quote is implying that it all starts in your mind before the manifestation can appear.

Tip #2: Create a New Lifestyle Around Your Dream
As soon as you know with clarity in your mind what it is you want, take time to determine what new lifestyle choices you need to make that will support the achievement of that goal.

And guess what, most people get this wrong!

Most people create a big dream and then continue to do what they used to do. Why? Comfort, scared of change, not practicing intentional living, fear of what people will think, need for acceptance... You get the idea.

Exercise: on a sheet of paper, create three columns. Make a heading for all three with following headers:

  • Column #1: "Goal"; 
  • Column #2: "What I'll Start Doing to Achieve"; 
  • Column #3: " What I'll Stop Doing to Achieve"
As a coach, I have used this simple exercise repeatedly because the power in it is that it clears away goals that clients create due to ego, envy or low/no commitment.

Why? Once a client has to write what they must give up to achieve a big goal (from the exercise above), it has an interesting way of revealing their true intentions. It also helps them create a goal with "eyes wide open" as opposed to blind-faith without realizing the focused intentions that will be required to achieve it.

For example, you are not going to get in the best health of your life (Column#1) if you are not willing to start applying your time and resources towards the goal (Column #2) and stop getting overly anxious and stressed on that high pressure job (Column #3).

Another example, you are not going to be the top sales leader in your specific field (Column #1) if you are not willing to give an over abundance of service (Column #2) and stop letting distractions from ___ steering you from being optimally productive (Column #3).

Tip #3 Go From Visioning to Envisioning
Once you have the vision, with clarity and you've mapped your new lifestyle around it with your three columns, now it's time to Envision!

Why Envision? Of course it's great to create a vision but what's even more powerful (I have found) in Be-ing your dream is to create a visualization of your dream but only after you've done the things above. This takes your dream from some random goal to a "tangible" goal.

Here's How You Can Envision:

  • Write the Vision and Make It Plain: before you start your day, write out your goals. That's not a typo...write your goals everyday or at least weekly. Doing this trains your subconscious mind to seek out the people, resources, products and services that will support the achievement of this goal. You must do this frequently because as much information that we get exposed to in a day, you must continually focus your mind.
  • Meditate: right after you write your goals out, close your eyes, get quiet and discipline your mind to create mental pictures of what the successful achievement of each goal will look like, feel like, and BE like. You don't know the exact details of how this goal will be achieved; this meditation step has the power to make what you desire to achieve "tangible". Remember, this post is inspired by Tony's quote of acting as though your goal through prayer has already been achieved. This step is helping you do exactly that!
  • Declare It and #OwnIt: right after you do the two steps above, create some positive declarations around each of your goals. For example, if the goal that you're envisioning is to be the first in your family to have a divorce-less, happy family, then your declaration could be: "I believe that my household is one of happiness, no drama, blessed and that open communication flows as a solid family built on a firm foundation!" Do you get the idea?
If you are thinking this will take you a lot of time that you can't spare in order to do it frequently, then you either #1, have too many goals (tip: focus on quality vs quantity and so go back and shorten your goals list) or #2, you aren't clear in the level of priorities your goals need to have in your life (tip: be clear on your "why").

Tip #4: Begin Today
One of the things that gets us all caught up in the negative mindset that we'll never achieve our BIG dreams is that our society programs us that we are either doing it or we're not doing it.

That's the wrong way to go about achieving a dream!

There is NO dream that has ever been achieved in one action, one encounter, one client, one whatever. Big Dreams are normally the result of a succession of wins, actions, steps, learning from failure and " showing up".

So shift your thoughts from thinking you have to be all-in in one step. That's bogus!

No matter where you are today, in order to act as though your prayers for your Big Dreams have been answered, do SOME step today!

For example, if your goal is to run for political office in your local community to bring humanity back to politics and you've done the steps and exercises above, begin by volunteering for a local political office while your children are still small and need your attention. You could also join your local Toastmasters to begin honing your speaking skills.

The awesome thing about getting action behind your Big goal is that it will begin to exponentially grow your confidence and clarify your envisioning exercises you do daily/weekly! Your dream will continue to become "tangible".

Was this helpful to you? If so, let me know: curvalish@gmail.com

Be great...

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