Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Getting Your "Fringe Benefits"

Who says that Fringe Benefits has to be a bad thing?

Fringe has taken the fashion world by storm and has appeared in many publications as one of the best style ideas for spring.

But I don't think of fringe as only a benefit for is a style idea that can look fresh every season depending on how you wear it!

Here's is a very specific way to get and wear your fringe benefits that won't ever be trendy: in a savvy sandal in a classic color or as a pop of color to a update a classic outfit.

My favorites are by Ivanka Trump and Banana Republic...Fringe Benefits from two stylish brands!

Search "Ivanka Trump Hettie"
Red, Black, Metallic

Image Credit @lunchpailandlipstick (Instagram)

Image Credit @lunchpailandlipstick (Instagram)

Image Credit @thefashionisha (Instagram)

Search "Honey Fringe"
Red, Black, Green, Metallic, Blue

*All Banana Republic pics from @BananaRepublic Instagram account

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