Thursday, April 14, 2016

Authenticity & Cultivating An Air of Mystery

If you haven't noticed, I love promoting women and especially, other Girl Bosses. Some I promote on social media and others I never publicly speak about.

For example, I was blessed to get a 2nd invite to the White House Business Council Meeting last month. Since it was on a topic I didn't feel the most passionate about (International Trade), I quietly threw the full weight of my influence (and invite) to transfer my invite to a deserving California female executive working in International Trade. She was accepted and attended...I was more proud of her attending than when I attended for my first time!

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post.

One of my newest Girl Boss crushes is Tonya Leigh, creator of "French Kiss Life".

Tonya is doing an amazing job of building her brand by inspiring women to live with " style, grace and joie de vivre".

And yes, her mission statement includes two of the exact same words as Curva-Lish (style and grace)!

I was especially enamored with her latest post "27 Ways to Cultivate a Parisian State of Mind".

It is such a great list and please go to her site to see it!

Here is my absolute favorite one of the 27 awesome items on her list:

Cultivate an air of mystery
The French say, “Pour vivre contente, vivons caches.”(Translated: To live happily, live hidden.) Instead of spilling your emotions to the man at the coffee shop, sharing the details of your personal life and business disputes all over Facebook, confessing your most sacred dreams to the neighbor who may not want to hear them, or telling everyone about your stomach bug, keep some of your sacredness to yourself instead of throwing them into the wind of life. Being authentic does not mean sharing every detail of your life.

Amen Tonya! I couldn't have said it better...

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