Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beauty Forecast: Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Gorgeous

One of my more recent infatuations has been the commitment of beauty brands towards cruelty free products.

I have historically been one of those people who purchased strictly drug store brands heavily advertised in magazines (in my 20s) and I graduated towards beauty care systems sold at department stores (30s).

Newly in my 40s, I am glad we live in times where Beauty brands that offer vegan and cruelty free products are creating amazing products that were not able to be produced even five years ago!

So as I explore these brands I'll make blog posts about them so you can be gorgeous while knowing your beauty products are good to you and the earth!

An added bonus: most of the products I've explored thus far are majority woman owned... Yasss!

Stay tuned for more!

Trust Fund Beauty
The simple details are that Trust Fund Beauty is a cruelty free, vegan luxury brand. Their first products were gorgeous nail polishes and an all natural polish remover.

They have recently added lipstick lines that continue on the unique naming convention that matches their "trust fund" branding.

I just got their color "Hollywood Hipster" and was so excited to try it that I immediately applied it to my nail! I'm such a girl!

I have also tried other colors and one thing I can tell you: I am amazed that the polish can be vegan and yet hold such a gorgeous color! I don't know how they do it!

And the frugal person in me also loves that their bottles are a large square shape, which means I'll get to enjoy it for many wears this summer!

Trust Fund Beauty: Mint Polish Remover

My Favorite Lipstick Shade: Hush Money

So go support this girl boss business and let your financial voice be heard that vegan, cruelty free products are in demand!

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