Monday, November 16, 2015

Cultivating Hope & A Vision for Your Future

As I headed into a busy weekend of doing a private Vision Board Party, I saw news on the Paris attacks. I watched as the news unfolded of the horrific events and the human life that was ended.

The awful news made me that much more committed to doing what I do best: empowering people from all walks of life to not only believe they can be great but to also give them the tools and strategies to make that happen!

One of the tools I use is the "Self Confidence Personal Assessment" offered free on my Resources page.

So before the group even starts to create their vision boards, I equip them with tips on envisioning their future and use the self confidence tool that gives them specific results. I also demonstrate to them how to effectively use the results to drive towards their goals! (You can schedule a one-on-one 45-minute session at the Resources page)

As with prior groups, there were discussions on how to go through a transformation, recovering from divorce and creating new goals, how to take back your health, creating goals for a new business idea, letting go of the past and creating a vision for a new future and more!

It never fails that there are aha's, tears, high fives, support, clarity and so much more...that's the power of having self-awareness about your level of confidence!

One of my Why-s in caring so much about people maximizing their potential by getting equipped to reach their goals is that it cultivates an un-shakeable hope when people operate in their gifting... I have seen miracles happen in the most smallest deeds (such as the Parisian cab drivers who drove people home for free in the aftermath of the terrorist attack). Your vision for your future doesn't have to be on a large's about what you do each day to be a light!

Don't just wish or get motivated to achieve your dreams...also get equipped! Hire a Coach, take applicable assessments, get support, serve others with your gifting...the world needs you!

Saturday's Vision Board Group

Vision Board Table: We Mean Business

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