Monday, November 30, 2015

Finding Your Entrepreneurial Worth (Lisa Messenger)

As a Collective Hub #CollectiveAmbassador, I was so excited to read this great The Daily Guru quick interview with Founder and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Messenger...her response was spot on and something I'm still learning to say no to after being a Girl Boss entrepreneur for almost four years! So inspiring!

Q: What has been the biggest block you have had to personally overcome in order to succeed in business?

A: I've had to really get my head around the value of my time and mastering the Art of Leverage. I think most of us when we start a business it's all about passion and we over service and undercharge and have a lot of free coffees or favors for people. As we evolve, we start to recognize the value of our time. Now, I really have found my true worth and it is paying off.

Bravo Lisa!!!

Collective Hub is a magazine based out of Australia and created by Lisa Messenger that is leading a movement to inspire and inform a "collection of gamechangers, rule breakers, thought leaders, and style makers challenging the status quo."

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