Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just Own It!

Stop second guessing yourself and just own it!

Own the fact you messed up, move forward.

Own the fact that you deserve it, stop feeling guilty.

Own the fact you made the decision, go all in.

Own the fact you don't know all the details, ask and get help if you need it.

Own it that it may be better than you think, look forward.

Own it that you perceived the situation wrong, so what. Perceive it correctly now.

Own it that you went further and are more successful than the peers you started out with, you can't help everyone want it...immerse yourself in the fruits of your hard work!

Own it that you must make the BEST decision, it may be a mistake but you must decide.

Own it that you are fearful, fix your crown and walk like a queen/king.

Own it that you need a new network, network=networth.

Own it that you keep letting other people make you feel inferior, get over your envious attitude and own it!

Own it that aging has made your body different, put in your best outfit and sashay down the sidewalk like its a catwalk!

Own it that you have a dysfunction with money, get support, set a budget, stop shopping to try to impress people and start saving (today)!

Own it that you lost your parents and still feel their loss, live the rest of your life like you know they would want you to! It gives them honor!

Own it that he left you without any forewarning, you are amazing and there's another one that has been looking for you his whole life!

Own it that you can't do it all, be OK with a less than spotless house, get/hire help and do what you can do!

Own it that you have constant feelings of not being good enough, write out your affirmations, say them daily and finally get-over-it!

Own it that you feel different, do something everyday that showcases that difference!

Whatever you do, stop second guessing yourself and just (finally) own it!

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