Friday, November 6, 2015

#FierceFriday: Vintage & Timeless Jackie O Style

I am a long time lover and shopper of vintage fashion.

I love vintage style because it is timeless, unique and simply gorgeous.

When I heard that my favorite Dallas vintage store Zola's Vintage boutique had to shut their doors after a major ceiling collapse ruined most of their inventory, I was heart broken.

Easily, 60% of my wardrobe is vintage and of that, 90% of it has come from Zolas!

So I was ecstatic when Zolas put what little they had on a new Etsy store!

They are not yet back up and fully running but I did want to feature this gorgeous Jackie O inspired coat that's in their current store!

This coat epitomizes everything I love about vintage: timeless, great hardware (buttons), unique and in this case, classic!

It is the only one of its kind, a perfect condition size grab it and just also know, your purchase will help woman-owned Zolas recover...tell them Que sent you!

To purchase, click HERE and input "250821311" in the search to go directly to coat site on Etsy.

Front View



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